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4 questions you should be asking during your design consultation

Design consultations can be overwhelming and often a lot of questions directed towards you, the client. Make sure you have covered everything by using our helpful list of questions below.

1. "How much is that going to cost?"

It is a simple question but an important question. The most important thing to remember is to establish transparency in cost. Sometimes the budget can get away from design customers because everything sounds great in theory but can be difficult to create for a budget friendly home. At Southern Design Concepts we think it is important to be upfront with the numbers so we can tailor your home to meet your budget.

2. "What is the timeframe for modifications?"

It's a fact of any creative process, there will be changes that need to be made. First, don't be surprised if the initial product from a consultation needs a good deal of modifications. As our president and CEO, David McGee, always says, "Design is a collaboration of minds". Second, be patient during the modification process and be sure to have a clear understanding of how long these modifications may take.

3. "Is this my style?"

It can be easy to let a custom home veer off track. This is in part due to so many professionals being involved in your project. While it is wonderful to have so many brilliant architects working on your project, things can sometimes be lost in translation. Be clear of your style, wants and needs. In order to get off on the right foot, come prepared to you first consultation meeting. Design your project by sketching, clipping pictures from magazines or creating a Pinterest board. For inspiration, check out our Pinterest account.

4. "What are challenges you foresee encountering on my project?"

Every project has its limitations, but it takes a creative professional to take your limitations and use them as opportunities. Don't be afraid to ask what your architect foresees being an issue, this will allow you the opportunity to better adjust your expectations and to work with the team to work around them.

Would you like set up a design consultation with Southern Design Concepts of Atlanta? It is totally free and can be scheduled online using our quick and easy scheduling tool. Contact us today with any questions and let us help you design your next project!

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